Filters ( Preview) in Microsoft Intune

Filters ( Preview) in Microsoft Intune

When you create a policy, you can use filters to assign a policy based on rules you create. For example, use filters to target devices with a specific OS version or a specific manufacturer, target only personal devices or only organization-owned devices, and more.

For example, you can use filters in the following scenarios:

  • Deploy a Windows 10 device restriction policy to only the corporate devices in the Marketing department, while excluding personal devices.
  • Deploy an iOS/iPadOS app to only the iPad devices in the Finance users group.
  • Deploy an Android mobile phone compliance policy to all users in the company, and exclude Android meeting room devices that don’t support the mobile phone compliance policy settings.

Filters include the following features and benefits:

  • Improve flexibility and granularity when assigning Intune policies and apps.
  • Are used when assigning app, policies, and profiles. They dynamically target devices based on device properties you enter.
  • Can include or exclude devices in a specific group based on criteria you enter.
  • Create a query of device properties based on the device platform, including Android, iOS/iPadOS, macOS, and Windows 10.
  • Can be used and reused in multiple scenarios in “Include” or “Exclude” mode.

This feature applies to:

  • Android device administrator
  • Android Enterprise
  • iOS/iPadOS
  • macOS
  • Windows 10 and newer

This article describes the filter architecture, and shows you how to create, update, and delete a filter.

Click on Tenant administration from the left-hand panel, click on “Try out the filters (preview) feature!”

After this, try to create a new Filter.

In Rules section, type the next configuration, and clic en next for creating the new rule.

  • Property: Ownership
  • Operator: Equals
  • Value: Personal

The rule applies to any device that is classed as a personal device. Submit for review and create the rule.

I am applying this filter to a corporate Windows 10 compliance policy. I have selected to exclude filtered devices which will be our personal devices we added to the filter created earlier. Click apply to proceed.

You can check more infor in this link Create filters in Microsoft Intune – Azure | Microsoft Docs

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